Message from Rose Pest

A Message from Rose Pest Solutions:
I understand that the township is seeing higher numbers of mosquitoes than recent years. However, we have had a multitude of heavy rainfall in short periods of time this summer. On July 25th, Grand Blanc was, once again, dumped on with over 2 inches of rain, and more is coming this week. Unfortunately, we cannot beat mother nature, we can only work with what is given to us. The entire southern part of Michigan is seeing the same issue with mosquitoes and without the program in place, the numbers would be much higher.

With all of the rainfall, containers continue to be a dire issue. We have found on many of our calls that standing water is sitting in fountains, buckets, wheel barrows, bird baths, and kiddie pools, and subsequently, are packed full of larva. We need the residents to help us by dumping containers every other day (if rain has fallen) and keeping the breeding sites down. Not to mention, the standing water is an attractant, even if it is not a viable breeding site. 

In July, all but two of the traps in the township came in under threshold (20 female mosquitoes captured over two evenings). Under the contract, this would have only required us to fog those two areas where trap counts were high. However, we could see that the call volume required more attention and fogged the entire township instead.

We are doing everything in our power to control the population. I have been sending 4, and even a 5th technician when available, to your township to address calls and work as hard as we can to bring the population to a tolerable level.

As always, we encourage residents to call in and report any standing water on their property so we can work to get it addressed and cut off the breeding cycle.

We thank you for your patience as we work through this summer.
Rose Pest Solutions 800-437-6938