Grant Awarded to Grand Blanc McFarlen Library

Grant awarded to Grand Blanc McFarlen Library

Grand Blanc, March 26, 2018 – The Grand Blanc McFarlen Library has been awarded a grant from The Community Foundation of Greater Flint – Grand Blanc Community Fund. The McFarlen Library is one of 19 branches in Genesee County of the Genesee District Library system.
In recent years, the McFarlen Library has expanded with the assistance of other donations. The library also has a new sign and fenced area for reading outside. Interior updates are now necessary to complete the four-year renovation project.
The grant from Grand Blanc Community Fund will be instrumental in the project, Giving Power to Move Books and Beautify McFarlen Library. The library is in need of new carpeting throughout the 12,000 square foot facility. The City and Township of Grand Blanc collaborate with the Genesee District Library to ensure success of the McFarlen Library. Grand Blanc Township has budgeted $50,000 and the City of Grand Blanc has budgeted $33,333.00. The remainder of the quote provided by Library Design Associates, $10,337.00, will be paid with funds from this grant. The new carpeting will be installed in an expected 12–14 days, McFarlen Library will remain open.
The mission of the Library is to provide local communities with access to up to date informational, entertaining, educational, and culturally enriching resources, while maintaining a high standard of fiscal responsibility.