Mailbox Damage

Due to yesterday’s snow plowing operations, we are aware that mailboxes throughout the Township will need repair. 9 times out of 10, the snow plows themselves do not hit the mailbox. The force of the heavy snow which we received over the weekend coming off the plow is most likely the culprit. With yesterday’s plowing, our goal was to push the snow as far back off the curb as possible to accommodate future accumulations and uncover storm drains for the upcoming rain. Piling this heavy snow up on the curb like we needed to puts mailboxes at an even greater risk. Our policy adopted by the Township Board allows us to either fix your mailbox, replace your mailbox with a standard steel replacement, or reimburse you up to $42.00 if you choose to fix it yourself. Please contact the DPW office at (810) 424-2640 and let us know if your mailbox needs fixing.