Weekend Snow Removal

Genesee County Road Commission is solely responsible for the maintenance and snow plowing of all public roads. Unlike a city, townships do not own any roads and do not receive any funding for them. The Grand Blanc Township Board of Trustees has voted to provide snow removal services in support of the Genesee County Road Commission. Our policy for snow plowing dictates that the Township DPW will plow subdivision roads only during normal operating hours when 4 or more inches of snow accumulates in one event.  Roads may be plowed on overtime on weekends and holidays if a state of emergency is declared due to road conditions.


The snow fall we experienced on December 17, 2016 only left around 3” of accumulation on our roads. This snow event did not meet the criteria of our policy so our DPW Director, Township Supervisor and Township Superintendent made the decision to not plow subdivision roads on Saturday.  Please remember that this service is performed in support of the GCRC. They are the responsible party for road maintenance in Genesee County. Our decision to provide snow removal services in our Township is based on what we see in other communities where residents wait a week or more at times to have their roads plowed. Our Snow Removal Policy was developed to offer a better level of service for Township residents, but our budget is limited and weekend plowing would deplete the available funding sooner and offer less consistent service over the winter months.