Mosquito Update

I would like to provide an update to you and if would like to share the following with the public that would be great.

We started the program on April 18th. Since we have had over 300 requests for property inspections. This is more then double from our call volume this time last year. This has kept us very busy but is very beneficial to the township residents. We have already used 900 pounds of larvicide year to date and this compares to 1100 pounds all of last year. The incredible  number of properties we have been able to enter, inspect and treat when necessary is why we have not had to use the truck mounted adulticide so far this year. We have however adulticided many of the wood lots that create the mosquito issues.  The trap counts have been low and without a significant amount of rain we predict this will be the case at least for the near future. Catch basins have been treated and if a resident notices a basin without florescent orange paint please notify our office.

We always get calls from residents wondering when we are going to fog. We educate them by letting them know this is the smallest part of the program and that the day time operations are what truly effect the mosquito population. We have dedicated over 600 man hours to date.

In closing, the committee that built these bid specifications should be very proud. This program allows us to be as environmentally friendly as possible according to the mosquito population and that is exactly what we are accomplishing so far this year. We continue to ask residents to call in for property inspections, and as a reminder, residents only get treated when a technicians determines the need after thoroughly inspecting their property as well as surrounding properties.

Thank you for your continued trust!

Mike Rogers 

District Manager