Crime Mapping Program Launched

On Tuesday April 19, 2016 the Grand Blanc Township Police Department went “live” with its project. The program allows community members to see where crime is occurring in their neighborhoods and throughout the Township. The project will strengthen our community oriented policing efforts by improving transparency and building on the strong level of support and trust that we currently enjoy.

A few additional benefits:

  • Help reduce crime by keeping our residents informed
  • Analyze crime activity
  • Filter searches by type of crime
  • Connect to Police Department resources by using department links
  • Receive Crime Alerts via email
  • Share valuable information with the community

For privacy and concerns for the victims some crimes will not appear on the map. To protect the victims of crimes exact addresses are not shown, instead block numbers are used. Below is a link that will take you directly to our location. If you would like Crimemapping also has a free app for Apple phones.