Water Filtration Scams

Due to the drinking water issues in Flint, we would like to urge our residents to be extra cautious regarding water filtration scams. We have received phone calls from residents who have had their water tested and the company doing the testing would recommend you install a very expensive whole house treatment system.  The test results will tell you that you have a high amount of Total Dissolved Solids (usually around 1000 PPM) and that the EPA standard is 500 PPM.

There are two types of EPA standards. The EPA standard for TDS is a non-enforceable standard because it is only used to help municipalities control aesthetic qualities (Taste, color, smell) of the drinking water distributed to residents. Lead is an enforceable standard because it as a high health risk.

There is no health risk with Total Dissolved Solids in your drinking water. If you have received calls or have had a salesman at your door, please contact us with the information they are giving you and we will be happy to go over that information and help you determine if your home requires further water treatment.

Jeffrey Sears
Charter Township of Grand Blanc
Director of Public Works