Genesee County Road Commission Chip Sealing Program.

The Genesee County Road Commission announces that Chip Seal will continue on the following roads in Atlas and Grand Blanc Townships on Wednesday, August 5, 2015:

  1. Willowgate Subdivision east of Gale Road in Atlas Township; and
  2. Center Road from Maple Avenue to Hill Road in Grand Blanc Township; and
  3. Holly Road from Ray Road to Baldwin Road in Grand Blanc Township; and
  4. Grand Blanc Road from Embury Road to Porter Road in Grand Blanc Township; and
  5. Fenton Road from Grand Blanc Road to Baldwin Road  in Grand Blanc Township

The roads will be closed to through traffic, excluding school buses and emergency vehicles from approximately 7:00 a.m., until approximately 7:00 p.m.  Thank you for your patience.  Please contact Darold Spencer 810.767.4920, ext. 277 if you have questions. 

Chip seal is a pavement surface treatment that combines a layer of asphalt with a layer of fine aggregate.  In Genesee County, chip sealing is typically used on 2-lane open ditch roadways.  It is less expensive than asphalt resurfacing but not as long lasting.  Its main purpose is to seal the fine cracks and prevent water intrusion into the base and subgrade.  This provides 3 to 5 years of service life.  The Road Commission expands on this procedure by patching areas with asphalt to provide some structural strength and smoother surface to the roadway, prior to application of chip seal.