Permit Requirements


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Thank you for choosing to build in Grand Blanc Township!  To assist in the building of your project, the following information is provided to help navigate the process and requirements of the Department of Public Works (DPW).

Below and in sequential order, are the steps that need to be completed to receive final approval from the DPW for the project.  Final approval from the DPW is required before a Full Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained through the Grand Blanc Township Building Department.

1.  Obtain a Sewer & Water Permit from the DPW 

  • First, pay the Tap/Capital Fees at Genesee County Water & Waste Services ($1,000 Water and/or $1,000 Sewer).  Include a copy of the receipt in with the building packet you submit to Grand Blanc Township.  You Will Not receive a Sewer & Water Permit from the DPW without your Capital Fee payment receipt from Genesee County Water & Waste Services.  Once the plot plan has been approved, an invoice for the Sewer & Water Permit will be calculated.  $2,600 for Water and/or $2,750 for Sewer.  Wait for contact from the Township’s Building Department that your Permits and Invoices are ready for pick up.
2.  Pay for the Sewer & Water Permit and Water Meter(s) & MXU (meter reading device) 
  • Permit and equipment fees are made payable to Grand Blanc Township. An appropriate sized, locked, meter valve will be provided for your plumber to install at time of payment. Note: All homes over 2,500 sq. are required to have a 1” water meter. Please see the enclosed Meter Detail Placement Sheet for more details. 
3.  Schedule your Sewer & Water Inspection with the DPW (810) 424-2600 ext. 2903
  • This is different from the Building Department’s Sewer & Water Inspection, which is also required. Contact the DPW front desk, with a minimum one business days’ notice, to schedule.  No Friday appointments for this inspection.  This inspection Must Pass in order for the DPW to install your water meter.
  • All new water main taps are performed by our contractor and will be scheduled through the DPW front desk. All residential water leads are 1” or larger. All size reductions are done at the water meter valve. All new Sewer main taps are performed by Genesee County Water & Waste Services. The Sewer main tap will have to be scheduled through them. Please see enclosed Sewer Lead Connection Details & GBT-15, 15A, and Meter Placement Detail for more details on our sewer & water connection requirements.
4.  Schedule the meter installation appointment with the DPW (810) 424-2600 ext. 2903
  • Once the project has been plumbed according to the Water Meter Placement Details Sheet (included with the S/W permit), call the DPW front counter to schedule DPW installation of the water meter a minimum one business day prior. The building MUST have permanent heat and siding/exterior finishes completed prior to water meter installation.
5.  Schedule the DPW Final Inspection with the DPW (810) 424-2600 ext. 2903
  • When steps 1-4 are complete and towards the final stretch of the project, call the DPW front counter to schedule a DPW Final Inspection, with a minimum one business days’ notice. During the construction process, any existing public water or sanitary sewer feature(s) on the parcel of the project, are the responsibility of the Builder, until the Final Certificate of Occupancy is issued. 
  • The DPW Final Inspection is an inspection to check if all DPW Sewer & Water features on the property, as well as some privately maintained Sewer & Water features that will be maintained by the future owner of the project, are in working order. These features include, but are not limited to:

a)  Fire Hydrants and their auxiliary valve and valve boxes in working order and being to grade. (See attached GBT-11 D-Box and GBT 15/15A Curb boxes)

b)  Manholes adjusted properly to Grand Blanc Township Specifications (See Attached GBT-9A water gate well and GBT-5 sewer manhole)

Meter Specifications 
   3/4 Inch Meter
   1 Inch Meter
   1 1/2 Inch Meter
   2 Inch Meter
Sanitary Lead Specifications
   Short-Side Sanitary Lead Connection
   Long-Side Sanitary Lead Connection