Pricing Schedule

Enhanced Access Pricing Schedule – 2021

GIS Paper Map Products

Certain map products are not reproducible in all sizes or types listed due to loss of legibility and clarity at reduced sizes. Examples include Zoning and Subdivision maps that are only available in “E” or “D” size products.

Type Approx Size Name Cost
Plotter Maps - full color 36 x 42 "E" Size $40.00
  24 x 30 "D" Size $35.00
  17 x 22 "C" Size $30.00
Laser Printer Maps - full color 11 x 17 "Tabloid' Size $20.00
  8.5 x 11 "Letter' Size $10.00

GIS Digital Map Data

All digital data provided on CD-ROMs (w/jewel case) with the following pricing to cover data production, maintenance, processing and reproduction. Datasets (excluding orthophotography) exportable to ESRI Shapefile, Coverage, and Geodatabase format. All datasets in State Plane Michigan South Feet, North American Datum 1983

Item Cost
GIS Digital Orthophotography (Aerial photos from March 1999,April 2004, March 2006 and April 2009, April 2014, April 2018)                                   
Uncompressed TIF format  
 Quarter section $20.00
 Full section $80.00
 Entire township $2,880.00
Compressed Mr. SID Image  
 Entire township $1,440.00
GIS Parcel Data  
 Full section $100.00
 Entire township $3,600.00
GIS Road Data  
 Full section $40.00
 Entire township $1,440.00
GIS Thematic Layers  
 Full section $25.00
 Entire township $900.00

Example Digital Map Data Request Cost:

Item(s) ordered Cost
Section 1  
  Roads $40.00
  Parcels $100.00
Section 2  
  Subdivisions thematic layer $25.00
  Orthophoto tile-4 ¼ sections $80.0


Custom GIS paper map or digital products that require data creation, customized cartographic output or manipulation beyond simple printing or copying of the material will be accessed a fee of $30.00 per hour in addition to the cost of the printed material.

Maps of the sewer system, water system, subdivisions, voting precincts, school districts, current developments, tax parcels, zoning districts and numerous others are available for purchase through the township’s GIS Department. The Department can also produce aerial photography of any property in Grand Blanc Township .

The Grand Blanc Township GIS Department’s Fee Schedule was established in accordance with the Grand Blanc Township Enhanced Access Policy, as required by State of Michigan Public Act 462 of 1996. The Grand Blanc Township Board adopted the policy on October 12, 2000.