The Building Division is part of the Township’s Department of Public Services. The Building Division is responsible for protecting the public health, safety and welfare as it pertains to buildings and their environments. Grand Blanc Township uses the following Codes for plan review, permitting and inspection purposes:

- 2015 Michigan Building Code
- 2015 Michigan Residential Code
- 2017 National Electric Code with Michigan Amendments
- 2015 International Fire Code
- 2015 Michigan Plumbing Code
- 2015 International Property Maintenance Code
- NFPA 70-2014
- 2015 International Existing Building Code
- 2009 ICC/Ansi A-117.1 Accessible Buildings
- 2015 Michigan Mechanical Code

Our inspection services are provided Monday thru Thursday. We have a very experienced, trained and professional staff including our Building Official, Ted Sczepanski, Building Inspector, Dave Martinez, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector Glen Thomas, and Electrical Inspector Mike Kyle. All these individuals perform plan review services and are available to provide assistance as needed.  See contact information below.

Stephanie Naum (Clerk) 810-424-2782
Ted Sczepanski (Building Official)  810-424-2612 
Dave Martinez (Building)  810-424-2618
Mike Kyle (Electric) 810-424-2622
Glen Thomas (Plumbing & Mechanical) 810-424-2624