Planning Commission

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Planning Commission meetings are held at 7:00 PM every 1st Thursday of the month at the Township Government Center at 5371 South Saginaw Street, Grand Blanc, MI  48480.

The Planning Commission has the ability to review, approve or deny all Special Land Uses, Site Plans and host all public hearings. The Planning Commission also has the ablility to recommend approval or denial for Rezoning Cases to the Township Board.

Planning Commission Members

Name Title Term
Vince Bandurski Secretary July 31, 2018
Ed Brown SPR Member July 31, 2019
Dolores Coutler   July 31, 2018
Daniel Gellings
Chairperson of PC and SPR     July 31, 2019
Ron Goldie   July 31, 2018
John Horcha   July 31, 2020
Joe Johnson
 Vice Chair PC, SPR Member July 31, 2020
Al Mansour Trustee Trustee Elected
Mike Yancho   July 31, 2020